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Watch identification authenticity tips

The authenticity of the watch has always been a hot topic. The so-called magic height is one foot high, and the fakes are getting more and more real and full of the whole market. Often, if you are a little careless, you may be able to buy fakes at a big price. Then, today, you will talk to you about some authenticity techniques.

1, appearance material judgment

Appearance or the topic of work, the general fake watch work is certainly not comparable to the authentic, there will often be some sense of violation, especially the literal most vulnerable to flaws.

For example, the gold watch, Da Jin Lao. Authentic gold watches are made of 18K real gold material, but some fake products are only using electroplating process, the color and the original version are no different, it can not be distinguished without the instrument.
If the watch you brought does not appear to fade for a long time, it means that you may not be able to plate the 18K gold. A very simple example of buying a big gold watch for 1,000 yuan is definitely not a gold package.

2, look at the dial carefully

1. The degree of fineness of the watch surface is the first criterion for judging authenticity. The most easy to expose is LOGO. If it is a metal LOGO, the table is generally bright as new, the fake LOGO edge is rough, and there are some irregularities. If it is a paint word, the surface of the real watch is smooth and burr-free, the edge of the fake paint is slightly scratched, and the font has a shallow depth. The real-time standard is the same.
The authentic (left) needle shaft works fine, the bottom surface is a perfect circle, the white part (sleeve sleeve) has obvious protrusions, and the chamfering work is done. The bottom surface of the imitation product (right) is not round, and the partial leakage paint (the genuine blue pointer is blue steel, And the imitation is painted)

2. The needle process best describes the problem in the identification of the watch. The second hand of the fake watch is rough and short, which is the biggest problem. The second hand is longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand. There are still some problems, such as the hanging of the needle flag, the needle is not flat, the light is not good, the needle The edges and corners are not clear.