SKMEI Anti-counterfeit Verification Guide

In order to repay the corporate customers’ love and to protect their rights and interests by resisting the unofficial sales of SKMEI products, SKMEI has introduced a new security label to all of its products on sale worldwide. The anti-counterfeiting verification process is as follows:

How to verify the authenticity with anti-counterfeiting code?

Step 1: Find the anti-counterfeiting code

On the back of the watch dial, find the multicolor anti-counterfeiting code with fluorescent texture,as the characteristics below.

Step 2: Take pictures / upload anti-counterfeiting code

Scan the code to enter the anti-counterfeiting query entry on SKMEI official website or use mobile browser to enter, click “go to verification”, click the “photo verification” to take the product’s anti-counterfeiting code on the verification page;

The picture taken should be as clear as possible. The anti-counterfeiting code is unique with unlimited numbers of shots.