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Some things about watch clockwork

Hongshi famous watch line to the love list today, the article source second-hand information

The clockwork toy believes that everyone has played, put the car on the ground and press it backwards, then run it on the handcart.

A spring like a toy car is a relatively simple spring. The clockwork of a watch is an essential part of a mechanical watch.
The clockwork is the power source of the watch, referring to the “slice spring” coiled inside the barrel.
In terms of materials, it was previously carbon steel, which is now a common Nivaflex alloy, which is a complex nickel-based metal.
The advantage of NIVAFLEX spring is that the torque drop is small (there is no excessive error when the chain is full and the chain is not fast), and there is no metal fatigue (the number of tightening and relaxation is guaranteed more than 10,000 times), and it is not easy. Broken.
When the Nivaflex alloy spring is wound on the mechanical watch, the time of the watch should be adjusted first. When the spring is wound, it is not necessary to pull the crown, rotate the crown clockwise, make a magnetic magnetic sound, and feel the resistance. Generally, it can be full by rotating about 30 times.