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Samsung smart watch Galaxy Watch country

Drive China August 16 news, August 15th, Samsung Electronics held a new product launch conference in China in Shanghai, in addition to the much anticipated annual flagship Samsung Galaxy Note9, also released the Bank of China’s new smart watch Galaxy Watch. As a successor to the Gear S3 after two years, this product has attracted a lot of attention.
Appearance, Galaxy Watch continues the Samsung smart watch’s consistent design style, with a round dial design, while adding interest screen reminder function, improve the usability of the watch. At the same time, the Galaxy Watch is available in a variety of sizes and styles, including titanium black and rose gold in 46mm and 42mm titanium. In addition, consumers can customize the personality dial and choose the strap from the strap manufacturer Braloba.

Not only that, but with the light and darkness of the light, you can simulate the visual effect of light shining on a real watch, creating a realistic look and retro feel. It can also simulate the ticking of a real watch, as if it is a real watch, which further highlights the user’s unique taste.

In terms of function, through the new generation of pressure tracking manager, Galaxy Watch can provide users with 24-hour body health monitoring. When it finds that you are strenuously exercising, it will encourage you to relax. It also supports user-defined tracking of various fitness activities. Trace sleep patterns and determine sleep conditions.
In addition, by using a lower power processor and an optimized battery system, the Galaxy Watch can provide up to 80 hours of battery life in normal use, which means it can be used continuously for one week without charging. However, it is worth noting that for the sake of battery life, Galaxy Watch does not support MST, but can complete Samsung Pay through NFC.

We also learned that Galaxy Watch’s LTE Smart Connect provides cross-device services for SMS, call, map and music from 30 operators in more than 15 countries, freeing users from reliance on mobile phones.

However, it is a pity that the specific price of the smart watch Galaxy Watch was not announced at the press conference yesterday, but I also know that as a product with a beautiful shape, powerful function and long battery life, the price should be Not low, we will continue to pay attention.