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Some things about watch clockwork

Hongshi famous watch line to the love list today, the article source second-hand information The clockwork toy believes that everyone has played, put the car on the ground and press it backwards, then run it on the handcart. A spring like a toy car is a relatively simple spring. The clockwork of a watch is […]

Samsung smart watch Galaxy Watch country

Drive China August 16 news, August 15th, Samsung Electronics held a new product launch conference in China in Shanghai, in addition to the much anticipated annual flagship Samsung Galaxy Note9, also released the Bank of China’s new smart watch Galaxy Watch. As a successor to the Gear S3 after two years, this product has attracted […]

Watch identification authenticity tips

The authenticity of the watch has always been a hot topic. The so-called magic height is one foot high, and the fakes are getting more and more real and full of the whole market. Often, if you are a little careless, you may be able to buy fakes at a big price. Then, today, you […]